Jimmy Fanz





Height: 5`11``
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 6``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 61
Total Views: 22803

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Comments: 9

FLTrucker (12/26/16)
What a hot, handsome, totally sexy guy!

txtigerpup (08/01/12)
Jimmy has discovered a new side of himself, and I think he loves it. The interaction between Jimmy and Morgan during the film is hot, and the post interview makes the film.

cnjgent (05/13/12)
Bring back Jimmy and Morgan for a hot bedroom scene. Let them steam up the set enjoying each other. They really click on screen...really hot together.

cnjgent (05/07/12)
Jimmy is amazing~nice hairy body. He's a total turn on... a naive guy exploring his sexual. He knows what feels good and goes with it. He's a real stud.

aresmunch (01/25/12)
JImmy has a great body - I love his hairy chest and ass! hot looking guy who seems well into guys now - would be great to see him again as bait!

billofvt (01/20/12)
Jimmy is real good and has his eyes open to new things such as getting fuck and fucking others I would love to see him on here more and having him break someone into the scene, Bill from Vermont

billofvt (12/05/11)
Jimmy did a real good job and hopefully he will be back as he looks real good, Thanks, Bill from Vermont

lance62348 (12/02/11)
BoyToy Perfection

College111 (12/02/11)
Great guy!



Release Date: 01/19/12
Bait: Morgan Shades
Straight: Jimmy Fanz


Release Date: 12/01/11
Bait: Max Gunnar
Straight: Jimmy Fanz