Joe Parker





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 536
Ratings: 171
Total Views: 80182

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Comments: 55

jtatlowjr (12/27/23)

dolphrc64 (02/26/23)
One of my all-time favorite porn stars

Admiral (10/17/19)
Joe is a one of a kind treasure! Always pleasure to view his work.

vincentld48 (04/01/19)
it's always a pleasure to see Joe...he's handsome, great personality, just a nice guy!! He loves to be cuddly!!

wzahner9 (03/29/19)
Just keeps getting better!

vincentld48 (11/10/18)
It's exciting to see Joe back. Joe is handsome, has a tight body, an adorable face, sparkling eyes, and has a cock that's a beauty!! Joe is a man for all seasons. Good job helping the Red Cross.

vincentld48 (09/22/18)
It is so great to see Joe when I think of Bait Buddies I think of Joe. Joe is looks and charisma rolled into one, he's such a cutie!!

StogieDaddy (09/21/18)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Im so glad your back. Woof so fukkn handsome

Jeffmpls (09/04/18)
Yes. How is Joe????? Where is he???

Gaylover1973 (08/31/18)
Yes please let us all know what has happened to Joe we have all missed him on this site Isaiah said he is one of the best models that you have on here we would love to see more of him.

wzahner9 (08/03/18)
Phenomenally handsome man, well-spoken, personable, seems like a genuinely nice guy.

jiminoho (04/16/18)
Caruso, Any chance of an update on Joe? He seems to have retired from porn. I’m not asking for details or anything stalker-ish. I’d just like to know he’s doing well..

dcundiff0530 (01/03/18)
He’s one of your best and you definitely need to bring him back I love how passionate he is and not just let me fuck you

vincentld48 (11/23/17)
Joe, is a hot guy with a hot body. A dick to die for! He seems to be a really sweet man with a magnificent smile and laugh. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!

kelley (02/12/17)
More Joe, more Joe, more Joe.

FLTrucker (12/26/16)
I read somewhere on the internet that Joe and CJ, longtime straight buddies, are now in a deeply committed gay relationship. If that's true, then that is simply amazing!

starrmann (11/27/16)
wooof...yes please vicar!

peedinkle (02/16/16)
joe and cj r a hot couple. never get enough to watch of these two and their buddies. they make a great couple. thanks

epdine (11/23/14)
So hot, and so damn sweet! wish I had a dude like him.

vinzen (10/12/14)
Joe, why so memorable? You've been on my mind for the past days JEEZ! Wishing to see more of you (..and Cameron) that was really very hot!

woodwood (09/28/14)
Joe is hottest man on this site, and he's so fuckin' likable. I haven't seen new scenes from him this year (2014). Where the hell is he? Joooooeeee!!! Cum back!!!!

decrux69 (07/25/14)
I can't believe Joe Parker's birthday is a before mine. I wouldn't mind having a hot time with him. He is sexy and hot as hell.

josesal (12/20/13)
Joe is so sexy and I love that he's so passionate when he kisses.

dray1101 (12/08/13)
Joe is my favorite on the site! I'd like to see him fuck some twink straight guy

niner999 (10/22/13)
bring him back often, great guy.

kimbo1970 (10/20/13)
joe is just amazing. love his smile and awesome hot chest. would love to see a scene with him and larkin. that would be just truely hot scene between those two.

AMORATO (07/26/13)
Joe amazingly hot, and very, very sexy and I just want to hold him in my bed! Perfect body, and gigantic cock...

pdxjpg (06/27/13)
Total hottie; naturally sexy. More Joe!

muscledawg (02/04/13)
Joe for sure very sexy...

fahadalkuwaiti (01/27/13)
sexiest smile ever !!!! man you are perfect ..

pieter61 (01/24/13)
This guy is soooo sexy. You just want to hold him.Must be those "come to bed" eyes!

rxslxx (01/04/13)
waiting for the video when joe agrees to be the btm

blkhwk_36 (12/29/12)
i like joe

putterzetc (11/26/12)
Why is he straight and the bait?

lyoninwinter (11/06/12)
I can't get enough of Joe. In fact seeing a preview with him is why I got a membership. MORE JOE!

Fadingbluelights (09/24/12)
It would be SO hot to see him bottom!

latin_gai (08/24/12)
When will Joe bottom????? He is so hot!!!!!!

geeyesgee (08/14/12)
A great addition to the "BaitBuddy Family" ...and the head of that dick...oh my!

trymarc12 (08/02/12)
glad he stopped by- great 3some

bilt4com4t (07/30/12)
Grow back your body hair, Joe. You're the sexiest and the most passionate dude I've seen on a site. Damn fine, man.

skyechas (07/20/12)
Will you marry me, Joe?

dewittlake (06/06/12)
Joe could be a very busy rent boy ! He is steaming hot !

Iamafarmerntx (06/05/12)
Would love to see Joe and CJ working out together and then more man on man sex!!

gijoe01 (05/29/12)

mputnal (05/02/12)
absolutely great total package. looks, personality and body. would love to do a scene with him myself.

jacknvu (04/26/12)
So I'm really enamored with this guy. When do we get to see more of him?

jacknvu (04/12/12)
This dude blows everyone else out of the water! He's everything--great dick, hot face, rockin bod, and endearing personality. And seems to like cock!!!

mlsnyc1 (04/05/12)
Now that scene was perfect. I would love to see CJ get some payback. could we get dean, CJ and Joe to do a scene. I would love to see that happen also.

jphillip (02/25/12)
perfect in every way!!!

cwadeh (02/17/12)
Loved this video. Joe needs to return!

INDYMALE (12/27/11)
Totally hot male !

npcrawford (11/13/11)
Joe Parker is fucking amazing!Totally hot! . . . He seemed unable to stop touching Dean. Totally sensual!

43grass (10/22/11)
A sensual and hot scene. I loved it.

billofvt (10/21/11)
Joe is real sexy looking and I really think he did enjoy this alot and can and should be on here again and again. Very nice looking body also and is someone I wouldn't mind meeting in an alley, Bill from Vermont

trymarc12 (10/21/11)
sexy hot dude/// maybe you will have him back



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