Joe Parker





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 353
Ratings: 132
Total Views: 45343

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Comments: 45

wzahner9 (08/03/18)
Phenomenally handsome man, well-spoken, personable, seems like a genuinely nice guy.

jiminoho (04/16/18)
Caruso, Any chance of an update on Joe? He seems to have retired from porn. I’m not asking for details or anything stalker-ish. I’d just like to know he’s doing well..

dcundiff0530 (01/03/18)
He’s one of your best and you definitely need to bring him back I love how passionate he is and not just let me fuck you

vincentld48 (11/23/17)
Joe, is a hot guy with a hot body. A dick to die for! He seems to be a really sweet man with a magnificent smile and laugh. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!

kelley (02/12/17)
More Joe, more Joe, more Joe.

FLTrucker (12/26/16)
I read somewhere on the internet that Joe and CJ, longtime straight buddies, are now in a deeply committed gay relationship. If that's true, then that is simply amazing!

starrmann (11/27/16)
wooof...yes please vicar!

peedinkle (02/16/16)
joe and cj r a hot couple. never get enough to watch of these two and their buddies. they make a great couple. thanks

epdine (11/23/14)
So hot, and so damn sweet! wish I had a dude like him.

vinzen (10/12/14)
Joe, why so memorable? You've been on my mind for the past days JEEZ! Wishing to see more of you (..and Cameron) that was really very hot!

woodwood (09/28/14)
Joe is hottest man on this site, and he's so fuckin' likable. I haven't seen new scenes from him this year (2014). Where the hell is he? Joooooeeee!!! Cum back!!!!

decrux69 (07/25/14)
I can't believe Joe Parker's birthday is a before mine. I wouldn't mind having a hot time with him. He is sexy and hot as hell.

josesal (12/20/13)
Joe is so sexy and I love that he's so passionate when he kisses.

dray1101 (12/08/13)
Joe is my favorite on the site! I'd like to see him fuck some twink straight guy

niner999 (10/22/13)
bring him back often, great guy.

kimbo1970 (10/20/13)
joe is just amazing. love his smile and awesome hot chest. would love to see a scene with him and larkin. that would be just truely hot scene between those two.

AMORATO (07/26/13)
Joe amazingly hot, and very, very sexy and I just want to hold him in my bed! Perfect body, and gigantic cock...

pdxjpg (06/27/13)
Total hottie; naturally sexy. More Joe!

muscledawg (02/04/13)
Joe for sure very sexy...

fahadalkuwaiti (01/27/13)
sexiest smile ever !!!! man you are perfect ..

pieter61 (01/24/13)
This guy is soooo sexy. You just want to hold him.Must be those "come to bed" eyes!

rxslxx (01/04/13)
waiting for the video when joe agrees to be the btm

blkhwk_36 (12/29/12)
i like joe

putterzetc (11/26/12)
Why is he straight and the bait?

lyoninwinter (11/06/12)
I can't get enough of Joe. In fact seeing a preview with him is why I got a membership. MORE JOE!

Fadingbluelights (09/24/12)
It would be SO hot to see him bottom!

latin_gai (08/24/12)
When will Joe bottom????? He is so hot!!!!!!

geeyesgee (08/14/12)
A great addition to the "BaitBuddy Family" ...and the head of that dick...oh my!

trymarc12 (08/02/12)
glad he stopped by- great 3some

bilt4com4t (07/30/12)
Grow back your body hair, Joe. You're the sexiest and the most passionate dude I've seen on a site. Damn fine, man.

skyechas (07/20/12)
Will you marry me, Joe?

dewittlake (06/06/12)
Joe could be a very busy rent boy ! He is steaming hot !

Iamafarmerntx (06/05/12)
Would love to see Joe and CJ working out together and then more man on man sex!!

gijoe01 (05/29/12)

mputnal (05/02/12)
absolutely great total package. looks, personality and body. would love to do a scene with him myself.

jacknvu (04/26/12)
So I'm really enamored with this guy. When do we get to see more of him?

jacknvu (04/12/12)
This dude blows everyone else out of the water! He's everything--great dick, hot face, rockin bod, and endearing personality. And seems to like cock!!!

mlsnyc1 (04/05/12)
Now that scene was perfect. I would love to see CJ get some payback. could we get dean, CJ and Joe to do a scene. I would love to see that happen also.

jphillip (02/25/12)
perfect in every way!!!

cwadeh (02/17/12)
Loved this video. Joe needs to return!

INDYMALE (12/27/11)
Totally hot male !

npcrawford (11/13/11)
Joe Parker is fucking amazing!Totally hot! . . . He seemed unable to stop touching Dean. Totally sensual!

43grass (10/22/11)
A sensual and hot scene. I loved it.

billofvt (10/21/11)
Joe is real sexy looking and I really think he did enjoy this alot and can and should be on here again and again. Very nice looking body also and is someone I wouldn't mind meeting in an alley, Bill from Vermont

trymarc12 (10/21/11)
sexy hot dude/// maybe you will have him back



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