Joseph Dragon

Joseph called about our ad in the paper thinking he could fuck some pussy and make a few bucks. This guy really needed it. He was a local Fort Lauderdale surfer by day and a janitor by night. Pussy wasn`t easy to get once the girls found out that he cleaned toilets for a living. He needed to change his image and what better way than becoming a porn star. Unfortunately for him, the only thing he got was man pussy - not quite the ego boost he was looking for.





Height: 6`
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



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Comments: 2

geeyesgee (09/17/12)
I liked Joe Dragon...and his very nice cock. It sure made Scott Bradley hard when he sucked on it for a while...

UncleBaire (08/26/12)
This is a truly hot guy. He's manly, yet there is a sensitivity to him that makes him universal. I'll fuck this guy at the drop of a hat...



Release Date: 02/28/08
Bait: Scott Bradley
Straight: Joseph Dragon