Joseph Hart





Height: 5`7``
Weight: 145
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 6``
Cock Type: uncut



Favorites: 40
Ratings: 18
Total Views: 10463

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Comments: 8

wzahner9 (04/05/24)
A very impressive bottom... so sexy and hot!

Drdem00 (04/05/24)

figgy1950 (03/06/24)
Handsome, hot, and hung! He is great to watch. I wish he would do flip flop scenes!

wzahner9 (03/01/24)
Gets hotter each time I see him! A really great personality, very handsome and a eautiful body!

23gintonic (09/24/23)
definitely flip flop would be interesting

wzahner9 (09/24/23)
A very sexy handsome man. Pleasant personality! A lot of potential. Would love to see him again in a flip flop. Wow! What a great find.

figgy1950 (09/22/23)
Joseph is handsome; hot; hung! I'm hoping Joseph comes back to film many more scenes!

Nwpanudemen (09/22/23)
Very interested in seeing him bottom.



Release Date: 04/04/24
Bait: Joseph Hart
Bait: Amone Bane


Release Date: 02/29/24
Bait: Joseph Hart
Bait: Grayden


Release Date: 12/14/23
Bait: Joseph Hart
Straight: Brock


Release Date: 09/21/23
Bait: Marco Lorenzo
Straight: Joseph Hart