Juan Carlos





Height: 5`5``
Weight: 130
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 35
Total Views: 25139

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Comments: 5

Kenjo12345 (05/12/24)
Please find him and bring him back

Kenjo12345 (12/03/20)
We need more of Juan Carlos!

Tmw312 (05/01/19)
Im need juan carlos to come back asap like super fast

chafu213 (05/16/17)
I would never get tired of this hot dude. He has a great attitude towards sex, and is very passionate. More more more.

timtom08 (01/28/17)
enjoyed watching him with his friend



Release Date: 01/16/20
Bait: Juan Carlos
Straight: JD


Release Date: 07/06/17
Bait: Juan Carlos
Straight: Justin Bold


Release Date: 04/06/17
Bait: Juan Carlos
Straight: Blue


Release Date: 02/16/17
Straight: Rico Leon
Straight: Juan Carlos


Release Date: 01/26/17
Straight: Rico Leon
Straight: Juan Carlos