Kip Johnson





Height: 6`3``
Weight: 205
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 175
Ratings: 61
Total Views: 37375

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Comments: 7

Drdem00 (05/12/21)
Seriously hot man...

starrmann (11/27/16)
love your other stuff to mate

stefjwin (12/21/15)
Kip is one of the hottest guys on this site, damn, wish you could get him back in for more.

Gale2014 (04/17/14)
More, more, more!

bart1030 (10/15/13)
more of kip love him

BigAtx (08/19/13)
I wanna see more of him please yum

dray1101 (07/08/13)
He is very sexy! I'd like to see more



Release Date: 01/17/19
Bait: Scott Riley
Straight: Kip Johnson


Release Date: 05/16/13
Straight: Andrew Collins
Straight: Kip Johnson


Release Date: 03/28/13
Bait: Tanner Moore
Straight: Kip Johnson