Krys Perez

Krys Perez is the type of straight guy who has every girl swooning over him and probably several guys too! They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Krys has perhaps the most beautiful eyes we have ever seen. At 6 feet tall, he has a lean muscled frame, tight bubble but, lightly bearded face, low hanging balls and a beautiful cock.





Height: 6`
Weight: 148
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 98
Ratings: 38
Total Views: 10709

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Comments: 5

wzahner9 (09/09/18)
Hotter with his hair short, but always a very handsome, really cool guy.

mdswvguy25526 (06/12/13)
He is JUST DAMN HOT! I'd drink his bath water! I like the long hair, feel great laying on your chest while you cuddle at night!

rolltiderick (10/14/12)
HOT!!! Hope they shoot with him again.

geeyesgee (09/16/12)
Very nice person..nice looking...nice everything. Willing to experiment and enjoyed his scene with Tucker. I thought Krys was great, and you will, too.

mixmutts (08/10/11)
very handsome.. great performer. do you think you can ask him to be a bait?



Release Date: 10/11/12
Bait: Krys Perez
Straight: Danny Palick


Release Date: 01/28/10
Bait: Tucker Forrest
Straight: Krys Perez