Lance Bar





Height: 5`6``
Weight: 140
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 28
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Comments: 8

GiovanniTomazzi (02/06/21)
Such an adorable pup! I want to wrap hum up and take him home. When he shared he is attracted to older guys, I immediately wanted to be his Daddy!

bigcockman (12/16/20)
Love Lance.

JJBoy198q (05/04/19)
Lance is probably the most unique sex performer I’ve seen in terms of his natural awkwardness, which is just the thing that makes him so watchable and me so envious.

Tristin6789 (02/07/19)
Totally adorable!!! Wish I could meet him!

wzahner9 (07/30/18)
A great guy!

FLTrucker (01/02/17)
My message to Lance.....O.K. !

homesteader (03/10/16)
wow, powerful, one of the best ever

timtom08 (01/28/16)
very nice and cute young man - glad he wants to experience everything sex has to offer/ it would be great to see him again



Release Date: 03/09/16
Bait: Adam Russo
Straight: Lance Bar


Release Date: 01/21/16
Bait: Brett Bradley
Straight: Lance Bar