Larkin is a straight stud who loves watching porn and bagging as many chicks as he can. He is tall, masculine, confident, cocky and most of all handsome. But it is the 10`` horse meat between his legs that got our attention immediately and had our bait guys mouth watering and ass twitching!





Height: 6`
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 10``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 89
Total Views: 37522

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Comments: 12

wzahner9 (06/14/18)
The transformation of Larkin with his beard, additional body hair and muscular body takes him from a 6 or 7 to a 9 or 10! The beard, especially, makes him look like a different, much hotter, man!

JoshAusland (03/28/17)
Larkin is so hellacious HOT. BRING him back as often as you can. I DO want to see him bottom. I love his build, his cock, and his laughter.

FLTrucker (01/29/17)
Larkin is the coolest dude I have seen on Bait Buddies!

wr1228us (09/25/16)
I would love to suck that big cock and taste his load. I would also love him to fuck me long and hard. Dicks like his make me cum without even touching my cock.

woodland2 (05/09/15)
Want to see him get fucked by Bryce Star since they both have the same size cocks.

cnstratas (06/14/14)

kimbo1970 (10/20/13)
larkin is one of the hottest guys i have ever seen. i would love to see him and joe parker in a scene together. that would be my biggest fantasy ever. it would be smokin hot.

Czech1 (06/07/13)
Want to see him get fucked!

gypsy1 (02/27/13)
M O R E of him

superm (07/28/12)
need more larkin very hot

crowner74 (07/14/11)
Larkin....dude!! OMG, you come across as a guy who likes 2 have a good time has a real good sense of humor, and why not? You're built like a brick shit house (that's a compliment dude), hope 2 see more of you, WOW.....

trymarc12 (06/30/11)
nice guy- great cock



Release Date: 10/27/11
Bait: Larkin
Straight: Bryce Star


Release Date: 06/30/11
Bait: Larkin
Straight: Alex Andrews


Release Date: 10/08/09
Bait: Devin Moss
Straight: Larkin