Logan Vaughn





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 190
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 63
Total Views: 39277

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Comments: 5

kiko46 (10/07/17)
So sexy. Sweet heart!

mbm1983 (09/17/14)
dude's way sexier in the last video than the first ones... he's aging well.

Heacts (09/04/14)
Really hot with the trucker!

Mexbttm619 (06/16/13)
His cock is perfect size and joe seemed to enjoy it allot.. Very hot scene..

snaggle (11/30/12)
Only seems to have a little cock in the video, but my god he is sexy



Release Date: 07/06/20


Release Date: 03/27/14
Bait: Logan Vaughn
Straight: Gavin Greene


Release Date: 12/25/13
Straight: Bobby Clark
Straight: Logan Vaughn


Release Date: 07/18/13
Straight: Logan Vaughn
Straight: RJ Alexander


Release Date: 06/06/13
Bait: Joe Parker
Straight: Logan Vaughn


Release Date: 05/17/12
Bait: Connor Patricks
Straight: Logan Vaughn