Lorrenzo Long





Height: 6`3``
Weight: 224
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 39
Total Views: 35935

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Comments: 13

woodland2 (11/10/14)
beautiful body hoping to see him again

denden (12/08/13)
This guy is sexy as HELL.

masculine1 (08/20/13)
I absolutely LOVE this man! MASCULINE, SEXY, & FIRE HOT! Love his accent as well Is he a New Yorker? Sounds like it to me.Nonetheless do what you need to bring him back. I have seen him on a different site and OF COURSE he DELIVERS!SEXYMAN!PERSONIFIED!

masculine1 (07/21/13)
Speechless, Hot & Bothered! Now this is what I call MASCULINITY at it's FINEST!

tazzy72 (06/26/13)
just a hot beautiful body.......woooooooooofffff

marcinho477 (05/29/13)

marcinho477 (05/18/13)
please bring him back!!!!!!!

denden (04/18/13)
Lorrenzo Long is fucking HOT!! Bring him back soon and pair him up with that small Hot bottom Drake.

marcinho477 (03/17/13)
awsome dude!!!! maybe he could not deliver because he acctualy wished to be bottom!!!

johnrossa (03/11/13)
Love that he's in his 30's and Mr Macho sucked cock. All and all it worked for me.

RexHuskey (03/08/13)
all man, no doubt. Just couldn't get it hard ...but oh well what real queer doesn't like sucking on a fat thickie?

rgvzwsc (03/07/13)
Wasn't surprised he couldn't deliver...

trymarc12 (03/07/13)
it is nice to see alittle older men on here- it adds to the total interest of the site/ hope to see him again



Release Date: 06/22/20


Release Date: 03/07/13
Bait: Cameron Kincade
Straight: Lorrenzo Long