Micah Jones

When Micah walked into the room, our jaws fell to the ground! At 6`3`` with the physique of a pro ball player, we just could not wait to get him out of his clothes. A true red head, Micah breaks the myth with his stunning good looks, strong muscular build and he has perhaps one of the most gorgeous 8`5`` cock and balls we have seen in a long time. This stud is the entire package.





Height: 6`3``
Weight: 210
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 222
Ratings: 93
Total Views: 20404

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Comments: 21

Drdem00 (08/18/20)
He was so hot ..would LOVE to see him with Tanner ... Wooo

daxx58 (01/07/19)
Always love a ginger!

wzahner9 (06/16/18)
What a doll!

soloddd (03/09/18)
soooo hoootttt

Heacts (09/06/14)
One of my favs so far!!

Jcesar (12/20/13)

abebush (11/22/13)
Micah is actually 6'5", and he has huge HUGE nipples!

Chgobbttm (01/02/13)
Micah is Very Likeable!! Reminds me of just a good guy, one everyone needs as a friend. He's cute and was a Great Fuck!

chrisinuk (07/21/12)
micah is one kool dude.

denardra21 (05/13/12)
Micah is very sexy and i would like to see him again. He is the reason I joined this site.

sass1420 (09/29/11)
I've seen Micah on other sites.. was he an easier target than Parker thought, or did Parker turn him?

43grass (09/01/11)
Please bring Micah back!

stuboy (08/15/11)
I commented on another guy earlier saying that he was the best i'd seen... until i saw Micah!! Holy crap! Everything about him = sexy. I want one :( More Micah!

rd0024 (07/03/11)
I want more of this guy

hallockg (06/04/11)
Micah's sexy smile and deep green eyes....the kind of straight guy you do a double take when you spot him on the street or in the mall. Can anyone say "Poker Night????"

rd0024 (03/13/11)
this guy could fuck nite and day....would like to see more of him

crowner74 (03/11/11)
HOLY CRAP DUDE!!! where the hell have you been all my life? lol, that smile could melt an iceberg, plus you fuck like a animal, in a good way dude, lol...

mrjay6062 (01/04/11)
great body hot cock loved watching him over and over again. Need to get him again

illirn (12/26/10)
By far the hottest guy on here! I'ld happily lose my paycheck to this guy in a poker game.

bobnsri (09/30/10)
I'd Pay Him $1,500 Just For Mutual j/o. Total Straight Stud With Open Mind.

bobnsri (09/30/10)
Best Guy On The Site.



Release Date: 07/29/10
Bait: Parker Brookes
Straight: Micah Jones