Michael Keys





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 196
Ratings: 70
Total Views: 21689

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Comments: 7

shootntoot (07/19/20)
I so hope that Michael and Evan are still friends and get it on occasionally. They seem so comfortable with each other while testing new ground. I know Evan's done some work for other studios under the same name, haven't found anything for Michael.

cke1599 (12/31/17)
Michael along with Evan was absolutely one of my favorites.

FLTrucker (01/05/17)
His slight stutter, Kentucky accent and willingness to try just about anything make him so incredibly sexy. Maybe get Michael and Evan back as a tag "bait" duo?

john2345 (08/18/13)
I wish you could get Michael back. Fell in love with him and Evan.You got Evan back love to see them together.But would take Michael.I guess they were not in love.

mrshyshame (05/29/13)
since I saw his first video i felt in love,the way he speaks,his looking,everything made me fell so in love...wish I could know little bit more about him...and I want to see him playing again...thx hugs from Brazil.

lyoninwinter (11/06/12)
His slight stutter and Kentucky accent along with his easy going manner make me drool.

billofvt (01/27/12)
Michael was very interesting and looks like he might like to get into it more and more. You know I would love to see these two get into it with two other straights and see how that cums out. Bill from Vermont



Release Date: 02/23/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 02/16/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 02/09/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 01/26/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy