Mike Rivers





Height: 5`8``
Weight: 160
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 80
Ratings: 44
Total Views: 12399

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Comments: 7

kiko46 (11/02/17)
Mike you are my babe

geeyesgee (08/11/12)
Mikes a pro. Never disappoints. Good job every time. Thanks.

billofvt (11/13/11)
Mike is so sexy and he always brings a smile to all. I would love to see him and wrestle him down and then he can take me where ever he wants. Bill from Vermont

trymarc12 (07/29/11)
always nice to see him/ great guy

billofvt (07/16/11)
Mike is a natural and I love it when they kiss and would love to see some 69 positions. Maybe even Mike vs Gabe Lawson would be very sexaul,Bill from Vermont

rd0024 (05/05/11)
Mike is one my favorites and would like to see him get fucked by ari

billofvt (04/01/11)
Mike is very good at this and the fact that he is a Martial Arts black belt only makes it that much better. Very sexy and good at what he does. Bill from Vermont



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Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Juven


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Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Ronnie J


Release Date: 06/23/11
Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Ari Gypsy


Release Date: 05/05/11
Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Ari Gypsy


Release Date: 03/31/11
Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Dante Escobar


Release Date: 01/20/11
Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Alexander Greene