Paolo (theBait) was a very impressive guy from Italy. Dark eyes and hair, smooth, tan, and ripped from head to toe, what more could you expect though from those perfect Italian genes. When we had him strip down for some photos, our mouths dropped at the site of his huge piece of meat. That was once nice cock, rock solid with a big plump head. He was so hot and sexy and so good at Baiting that we had him in 7 movies!





Height: 5`6``
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: uncut



Favorites: 24
Ratings: 18
Total Views: 5652

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geeyesgee (08/13/12)
What a good sport. Paolo is nice and smart and sexy and was paired with a total dud in his scene with Shane Rock. At the end, Paolo was rolling his eyes in disbelief. I was too.



Release Date: 05/21/09
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Hawk


Release Date: 09/11/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Guedo


Release Date: 09/04/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Gabrielle Milano


Release Date: 08/21/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Cody Lee


Release Date: 05/15/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Shane Rock


Release Date: 04/24/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Chad Leigh


Release Date: 04/10/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: David Donatello


Release Date: 04/03/08
Bait: Paolo
Straight: Michael Foxx