Patrick Ridge





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 185
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 97
Ratings: 38
Total Views: 20207

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Comments: 4

wzahner9 (09/03/18)
Great personality... intelligent and hot!

chafu213 (10/14/17)
He took Bo's cock deep. Without so much as a slight gag. Amazing.

USMCock (09/15/16)
Sizzling hot! What he did with Danny Moore was a thing of beauty! Takes talent to make a straight guy cross that line so completely.

angelee (04/03/15)
Tall in the saddle, carrying a big stick. Hope to see him back again?



Release Date: 04/20/20


Release Date: 08/10/17
Bait: Patrick Ridge
Straight: Bo Hendrixx


Release Date: 05/28/15
Bait: Patrick Ridge
Straight: Danny Moore


Release Date: 05/07/15
Bait: Patrick Ridge
Straight: Jonny Atkinson


Release Date: 02/25/15
Bait: Patrick Ridge
Straight: Blake Barnes