Peyton South





Height: 6`4``
Weight: 245
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Comments: 6

wzahner9 (06/30/18)
A very attractive man.

marinara1 (10/17/13)
This dude is the reason why I belong to this kind of site! hot beefy masc straight boy! More of him please and more like him please!

ahodges (06/10/13)
VERY cute guy!

darkness81 (02/02/13)
Peyton is freakin gorgeous!!! Sooooo handsome!

geeyesgee (08/09/12)
Nice guy, but pretty dull when it comes to "interaction" there was none! Typical "wham, bam, thank'am?" Buh-bye now.

joel2191 (08/05/12)



Release Date: 07/05/12
Bait: Chase Young
Straight: Peyton South