Ronnie J





Height: 5`8``
Weight: 200
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 52
Total Views: 19691

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Comments: 13

kiko46 (11/02/17)
Excellent Ronnie

phxmayham (03/31/15)
Please bring Ronnie back!!!

builthorny9 (05/04/13)
i wanna fuck some pussy with Ronnie

eric100000 (03/13/13)
i like him

geeyesgee (08/11/12)
Great looking. Easy talker. Very open to new things. Excellent job, Ronnie. And you know how much bottoms like this...give it a swirl, you'll like it like most men or straight.

hdaddyd (08/02/12)
love that hot ass body bb

sciencedude (05/08/12)
damn man he is scenes with him pls

griffrag7430 (03/14/12)
bring him back for a bottom scene please.

wildoaks (11/08/11)
hope to see him again ... fucking hot stud and a gentleman WOOF

ceshern (08/15/11)
yes bring him back!

dcpopperguy (08/14/11)
Fucking hot! I want to see more of him. I'd definitely give it up for him...fucking A!!!!!!

trymarc12 (07/29/11)
a VERY HOT nice guy/ hope to see him again

College111 (07/29/11)
Great guy! Nice, hot, handsome, awesome and a perfect gentleman!!



Release Date: 07/28/11
Bait: Mike Rivers
Straight: Ronnie J