Sebastian is a straight masculine guy who holds a dual citizenship between France and the USA. In need of money to get back to Paris for a visit with family and friends, he was willing to explore sex with another guy for the first time in front of our cameras . He was surprised that the male contact would be so pleasurable and it looks like he may be willing to explore more in the future. He is the classic good looking French man with a rugged face, furry strong body and a large succulent cock that just begs for attention.





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 142
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 58
Total Views: 15119

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Comments: 7

wzahner9 (08/16/18)
A very desirable man!

furryrob (10/02/14)
Absolute perfection....he is impossibly beautiful, and perfectly my favorite type. Thank you, Sebastian, for sharing yourself with us!

geeyesgee (09/14/12)
Came back to make sure about this one... YUP...Sebastian is still about the most gorgeously handsome and sexy man on this site.

geeyesgee (08/12/12)
Loved Sebastian's totally hairy body and his calm demeanor. He looked so good before, during and AFTER the shoot! How can he ever step away from the mirror??

geeyesgee (08/12/12)
Mon dieu! Qu'il est très beau! Avec un grang bite! -or- My god! He's very handsome! With a big dick!

rd0024 (07/10/11)

nick.lee.china (12/01/10)
he is so cute



Release Date: 07/22/10
Bait: Tristan Sterling
Straight: SebastianValmont