Shane Erickson

Shane Erickson is one fly guy. He loves his women and they love him. Why would`t they? Shane has it going on! This guy is stacked from head to toe with piercing blue eyes and dark hair not to mention his big fat cock!





Height: 6`3``
Weight: 180
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



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Comments: 2

geeyesgee (08/13/12)
Shane rocks! Sincere, honest, nervous, truthful, and really likes his partner. Hesitant at first but LOVES it by the end. LOVES it.

zembella (04/07/11)
I wanna marry Shane Erickson...I am just now seeing this video from his early days of doin porn and I have seen several of him on BSB....he is totally sincere..and I love this man to death



Release Date: 04/02/09
Bait: Orlando Dawson
Straight: Shane Erickson