Sterling Chambers





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Comments: 4

jtatlowjr (12/04/23)
I would love to have my chance at Sterling

wzahner9 (07/02/18)
Biggest change from first video to second video that I've seen. From hunk to chunk, but same personality.

FLTrucker (12/26/16)
Sweet...handsome....and totally sexy!

FLTrucker (12/26/16)
Sterling is soooo hot. Bring him back!



Release Date: 09/11/14
Straight: Ryan Tyler
Straight: Sterling Chambers


Release Date: 07/17/14
Straight: Jack White
Straight: Sterling Chambers