Steven Ponce

Steven Ponce is a rare breed! A red headed Puerto Rican who is insatiable when it comes to sex with straight men. He has a rockin` body, big bubble butt, fat cock, and he knows how to use it. A self proclaimed expert cock sucker and bottom boy, Steven likes nothing more than to bed hot straight men.





Height: 5`6``
Weight: 140
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 94
Ratings: 49
Total Views: 18460

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Comments: 5

yeshuajames (03/28/16)
This guy is my perfect ideal. WOW

homesteader (11/08/13)
Steven is a real trooper. Tag him up with Lucas or Issac for some hot action

geeyesgee (09/14/12)
Amazed that nobody comments about Steven. He's a real pro and PERFECT bait. Smart guy and very talented. Love his great grasp of English, too. Kudos to YOU, Steven.

geeyesgee (08/11/12)
Loved the cum-eating and rimming scenes with Santos. Need more such action on BaitBuddies. It's not only the DOING, it the enjoyment they get out of it that makes it hot. Great job as always, Steven!

geeyesgee (08/06/12)
Steven's always okay...really has fun doing these scenes, it seems.



Release Date: 08/03/20


Release Date: 06/01/20


Release Date: 09/08/16
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Noah


Release Date: 11/07/13
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Trent Williams


Release Date: 06/21/12
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Joe Parker
Straight: Hayden Richards


Release Date: 05/03/12
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Brenden Pierce


Release Date: 09/08/11
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: DJ


Release Date: 08/12/10
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Santos


Release Date: 12/17/09
Bait: Steven Ponce
Straight: Ricky Martiniz