Tanner Wayne





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 68
Total Views: 26775

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Comments: 18

MacDiesel8 (08/16/21)
Not many can compare to Tanner Wayne. Beautiful face, cock, and ass.

Drdem00 (07/09/20)
Honest Tanners overwhelmed then Yeah, for the $$. Tanners kind, humors his troubled friend. Sobering, Tanner is even fatherly to Cory. I hope save friendship, Tanner is a prize for some deserving woman. I now wish these guys had the privacy they deserved.

1xxtwoxx3 (12/02/19)
Please bring him back!!

bankseyofomaha (10/01/19)
Bring him back for a special!

downtown2424 (01/08/19)
There is no one sexier or more manly than Tanner Wayne. 5 stars!!

onetoo (02/18/18)
What a delightful man to behold.When will you return for more

FLTrucker (01/02/17)

FLTrucker (01/02/17)
What a handsome, sexy guy. Gave him 4 stars.

FLTrucker (01/02/17)
My God, I wasn't expecting anything, but this dude is fucking HOT and sexy!

andrewz5757 (06/12/14)
really hot should bring him back

bradohio (02/15/14)
bring Tanner back hot hot so sexy so enjoyable pay him again !

billydix69 (10/06/12)
Hot guy. Great session. Bring him back.

walterpeter605 (09/14/12)
omg, the passion between these two so hot!!!! Bring tanner back! yummy ginger

geeyesgee (08/13/12)
Tanner...great deserve all of the attention you've been receiving.

kilgore (06/30/12)
please bring this one back and very appealing

kkunke01 (05/31/12)
love to see him again!

bilt4com4t (03/16/12)
Incredibly hot, about the finest you have. Man-o-man I hope he doesn't shave or trim his body hair.

trymarc12 (03/16/12)
HOT HOT HOT sexy man /looking forward to seeing him again



Release Date: 03/15/12
Bait: Corey Martin
Straight: Tanner Wayne