Tony Douglas

Tony is a tall, dark haired, lean muscled, young stud that came to us wanting to break into straight porn. He is the type of guy that you can tell just wants sex all the time and is willing to do just about anything to get it! Lucky for us, he was willing to explore a side of himself that he never thought possible and he does not disappoint. His sculpted lean body looks amazing on camera as does his beautiful cock and ass.





Height: 6`2``
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 6.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 100
Ratings: 36
Total Views: 14371

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Comments: 2

geeyesgee (08/13/12)
A bit too cocky for me, but hey I'm just one guy. Robbins and Caruso seemed to like you, so good luck on future scenes. And you recycle your own cum...good environmentalist!

crowner74 (03/11/11)
Tony my man......... sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy! love to watch you gettin fucked, it's a real thrill 2 see someone enjoy it as much as I do......



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