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Furetto (08/11/23)
Mi fai godere moltissimo sei una meraviglia; la tua prima volta è stata eccezionale ho ancora il cazzo duro

Kenspe (04/05/22)
Tyler is so hot, he's on 🔥! BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!

stanleyps (12/27/21)
You need to have Tyler back

Gaylover1973 (10/28/18)
I would love to see Tyler Andrews bottom if he could be talked into it I would love to be the top for him but I would also looked bottom for him both of these guys are super hot I would love to be in a three-way with them.

Jeffmpls (09/05/18)
Tyler come back. You are super hot!!! Get some more rent money !!

vincentld48 (02/12/18)
He is a HOT man, he really looked great in the speedo! His cock looked even bigger in the speedo! Tyler looked like he really got into it, for as much as he tried to deny it.

natalia16 (08/29/17)
Pls bring him back!

paulojoson (09/08/13)
wanna have sex with me???

mdswvguy25526 (06/10/13)
5 Stars!!!! Best seduction I have seen in a long time!!! I'd get Tyler BACK! Anyone who ever had a guy the first time, knows,LOST in it all. He looked like he was in such serious thought at that lake. Bet he just broke up with someone. PRICELESS!

dann66 (07/02/12)
Bring Tyler back!! He is very hot Thank you for sharing this with me

Mike1065 (06/23/11)
very hot, loved him in that blue speedo, get him back for more

trymarc12 (06/04/11)
HOT HOT HOT and cute besides

just84u (04/19/11)
this was so hot...please get him back...I want to see him take one for the team

crowner74 (03/11/11)
your seduction scene with jake is sooooo hot my PC started 2 melt, lol.... one of my all time favorite scenes, omg!!

Cox4Bait (03/01/11)
DAMN so hot -- love to see more of this guy!

beantownmadness1 (01/31/11)
So fcking hot.....Tyler can take me ny time.......



Release Date: 10/07/10
Bait: Jake Steel
Straight: Tyler Andrews